Bacon, Saved.

“This blog saved my bacon (so to speak).”

I wanted to binge last night. You know what stopped me?

This blog.

After dinner I was seriously considering eating an entire pot filled with quinoa, but then I had this thought:

“Wait! I can’t binge. I’ll mess up my perfectly coordinated blog and abstinent days (i.e., Dec 6 = Day 6). Then I’ll have to start a new blog on the first of next month and it’s New Year’s and I might not be home. Crap. I better not eat.”

So, thank you, oh gentle readers – which the last time I checked the stats is just one, most likely my friend Diana, so thank you, oh gentle Diana – for saving my bacon (or in this case, my quinoa).

Which really goes to show you the power of accountability.

Left to my own devices, I always let myself off the hook. Always. And it’s not just with food … if I don’t have a major deadline at work, I procrastinate. If I see something I want, I buy it.

I read in one of the myriad of self-help books I’ve bought over the years: “We eat the way we live.”

So all this makes since. I’ve been eating out control for months. So, of course I’m going to be spending and procrastinating out of control.

But there is hope for me yet, which means there is hope for you, too.

Yesterday I didn’t binge and today I’m setting myself up to not binge, which means that perhaps I’ll be able to string a few days together. And maybe those days will turn into months and those months into years. And maybe the rest of my life will fall in line, one abstinent day at a time. And maybe that will be true for you as well.

Let’s plan on it, shall we?

 # # #


2 comments on “Bacon, Saved.”
  1. Kayla says:

    You have no idea how much reading your blog is helping me already. #bingereading


  2. DH says:

    Congratulations on Day 6! I have found that this baffling disease will use anything to get us to eat outside of our committed meals, but also that God is MORE powerful and also uses all sorts of things to prevent us from listening to and acting on the diseased thinking. Yay! It may be, like you said, writing a blog, or for me a lot of times it is simple distractions, especially if they distract me right up until the next meal.

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