Friday Is Binge Day.

“All hands on deck!”

Today is Friday. I binge on Fridays. I binged last Friday. I binged the Friday before that. And the one before that.

But I am going to binge this Friday.

That is because I did something I never, ever do: I asked for help.

Yesterday I called my besty, C, and laid out my cards on the table. “I need your help,” I told her. “I’m going to binge on Friday. Help me not do that.”

She had no idea this was my pattern. Nobody does. Or, I should say, did, until I finally came clean. Desperation will do that to you.

“We need a PLAN!” cried C, who one could describe as, er, reactive. “What’s your PLAN??”

“I don’t have a PLAN!!” I cried, catching her panic.



So, between the two of us – and despite our hysteria – we made a plan (sheesh).

Since C was going out of town and couldn’t keep me company, I was to go to therapy at 5:30 pm and then to the gym that’s up the street, cashing in the free pass that’s been gathering dust in my desk for months. Then I was to have my planned dinner and go promptly to bed since I’ve gotten very little sleep this week.

I was also to schedule activities for the next morning to make it necessary for me to get up early the next day, something completely unthinkable after a nighttime binge.

Saturday’s schedule: 7:00 am AA meeting, 9:00 am Pilates, 11:00 am Vision Board Workshop at the local library, 4:00 pm visit with Carrie, 7:30 pm AA meeting.

A lot, I know, but it’s better than sitting home thinking my way into YogurtLand.

Now I’m making a commitment to you, oh gentle (now up to six!) readers: tomorrow I will log in Day 8 and will have made it through today without binging.

And my hope is that you will, too. If you feel the need to binge, please reach out. Leave me a Comment and I’ll respond. Let’s make it though this Friday together.

# # #

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