A binge doesn’t just happen.

“A binge doesn’t just happen.” – Me

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I’m writing this in the middle of the ocean, where I’m on the tail end of an eight-day cruise. I have 27 days binge-free. Before that – if you read some of my earlier, semi-coherent blogs – I was binging my brains out several times a week.

So how am I doing on a ship where every sort of food is available round the clock?

I am doing really, really well.

And that is because of these two reasons:

  1. Before I set foot on deck, I decided to treat the cruise as a “floating retreat.” I committed to taking full advantage of the fresh air, gym, healthy food options and time to sleep. I understood that my vacation will be what I make of it.
  2. I realized that I am not a victim of my eating disorder.

A binge doesn’t just happen.

As much I’d like to believe nothing is ever my fault, I know that food doesn’t leap off the buffet table and into one’s mouth. On this particular cruise ship at least, you must do these things to binge:

  • Leave your cabin, located at the very back of the ship, next to the engines
  • Walk the endless narrow hallway to the elevator and shove yourself in with approximately ten fellow travelers wearing cargo shorts and logo’d T-shirts
  • Exit the elevator at Deck 6, where the buffet is located
  • Walk across the deck, where bad live reggae music is constantly played, to the buffet
  • Attempt unsuccessfully to avoid the Hand Sanitizer Girl who waits at the buffet start to squirt you with a clear runny liquid that makes your fingers sticky
  • Grab an oversized plate and elbow your way through the crowd to pile your plate with sugar- and flour-laden foods from six different food stations
  • Circle the dining room to try and score an empty table among the screaming kids and harried parents to consume your food in relative peace …

I could go on but I think you get it.

So this has been a very empowering trip for me. I’m learning that yes, I can take care of myself. I would not say that “adulting” is anywhere near fun … but it’s darn empowering, that’s for sure.

2019 is going to be good.

If all continues to go well – and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that happens – I’ll return the mainland in two days several pounds lighter, rested and ready to ring in a happy, healthy New Year.

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2 comments on “A binge doesn’t just happen.”
  1. allycrump says:

    I have suffered from an ed. If you want to know my story check out my blog! https://livingfr3ely.blog


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