Jan 3 | I Had a Relapse.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb

I binged.

It was New Year’s Eve and I was at a party. I looked good: my recent 30 days of abstinence (the food equivalent of sobriety in the 12-step group to which I belong) had taken off some weight, eliminated the bloat around my belly, and set my skin all a’glow. I was wearing a really cute outfit of striped black-and-white shirt, black velvet leggings and bright red shoes.

I was getting a lot of attention from the single men at the party and felt good.

And then they brought out the dessert tray.

That’s when things started to go bad for me. I decided I was going to have “just one” plate. I rationalized it by saying I was starting Whole30 the next day, so this would be my “last hurrah.”

I had one plate of dessert, then another and then another.

And then it was on.

I left the party at the first possible opportunity, went to the liquor store across the street, bought two pints of ice cream and some Hostess products (a childhood leftover) and drove home and binged. And of course, I woke up sick, regretful and wearing that same cute outfit.

So, one things I’ve learned is that behind every binge is a reason. I’m going to explore in the next few blogs what happened.

I was doing so well.

I’m back on track today and committed to never, ever giving up.

If you didn’t make it through New Year’s Eve without bingeing, either, I hope you’re as committed as I am to getting back on the horse.


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