Jan 9 | Sure Would Like a Snack.

“Nobody ever died between lunch and dinner.” My sponsor after listening to me complain how hungry I am


Today is day 4 on the GraySheeters Anonymous (GSA) program. This is the structured 12-step program that requires members follow a three-meals-a-day-don’t-even-think-about-snacks food plan.

I started on Saturday. 

Having binged myself into oblivion Friday night, I was so sick and stuffed that I didn’t much feel the new food plan at first.

Didn’t notice the tiny dollop of salad dressing on my lettuce leaves. Didn’t notice how “four ounces” did not, in fact, translate to the “size of your palm” equivalent … at least not the size of MY palm. And I certainly didn’t notice the lack of snacks.

I love me some snacks.

I have always believed I had low blood sugar, that I could not survive without eating every two hours.

I’ve always eaten up to four snacks a day: a mid-morning cup of yogurt, late-afternoon package of almonds, before-bed apple.

At least that’s how it started.

Over the years, my before-bed apple came served with almond butter, raisins and, you know, a banana just to use up the rest of the almond butter.

It was a case of “snack creep.”

Now that I’m eating only three meals a day, I’m hungry … and amazingly clear-headed.

I realized that my “snacks” were not really snacks. They were mini-meals between regular meals, which means I was eating literally all day.

Here’s what else I noticed:

  • The “low blood sugar” was anxiety in disguise: I was using food to soothe, not feed.
  • My body really, really likes not being assaulted with food it doesn’t need and has to process.
  • Despite my fears, I have not yet died between lunch and dinner.

Yes, I’m hangry.

But I’m also more sane than I have been in months. So if giving up snacks is what I have to do for my peace of mind, then buh-bye snacks.

It’s not you, it’s me.

# # #


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