Jan 23 | Dear Zipper …


Yesterday we reunited over a pair of trousers.

I’d dumped you for black yoga pants that I bought from CVS with a 30% off coupon. I took these pants everywhere I used to take you … work, dinners out, walks with friends.

How could you possibly compete with soft, elastic pants that inexplicably hid the twenty pounds I gained from binging?

You couldn’t.

Tentatively I pulled the trousers up over my legs. That went well and I felt a glimmer of hope.

But when I touched your cold metal tab, my heart froze.

I was terrified you’d reject me, refuse to take me back. Tell me it was over between us for good, or at the very least, you weren’t ready.

You fussed a little but then relented to my touch. When you fully zipped I almost cried with the wonder of it all.

Zipper, my darling, how I’ve missed you! Let us never break up again.

Yours in gratitude,


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