And You Are?


Hello, my name is (not actually) Glinda and I am a good witch.

I am also part of the 12-step community, a Fellowship founded on the principle of anonymity, which is why I will remain anonymous in this blog. 

To me it makes no difference what path you’re on; my only hope is that you find your way and that I can provide some comfort and assistance while you do so.

There is nothing I want more for you than freedom from the particular hell of food addiction.

Please know that I am a person who has suffered greatly from compulsive eating. I believe I was born with what I heard described as a “broken eater for which there are no spare parts.”

I’ve had a broken eater for as long as I remember. I was a chubby kid and the solution available at the time was a really strict diet, which I wrote about in Fat Girl, Part 2: Beauty Adjacent.

I was four years old.

I don’t know if that diet broke my eater, or if my eater was already broken, but I do know that from that point on, my relationship with food was addictive, intense, and shame-filled.

I have had a lifetime of starving, dieting, purging, self-hatred, 12-step groups, therapy, medications, meditations … all of which I’ll share with you in the pages of this blog.

My hope is that you will share your journey with me and together we can build a community of recovery, one day at a time.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to leave a Comment on any one for he individual blogs or email me at

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