So what is this blog about?

That is a great question.

I started this blog at the lowest part in my life, just to see what would happen.

I left my husband a couple of years ago. When I walked out the door, I also left a house, a community, a financial partner, a best friend and just so much more. I truly had no idea what I was doing … or how hard it was going to be.

Thank God.

Had I known the pain and suffering, confusion and grief, financial fear and loneliness, I never would have left. And leaving was exactly the thing I needed to move forward with my life.

Of course, I did it all wrong.

The first thing I did was fall in love with a man with whom I work (I know, I know). Then, when that went south, I started binge-eating, an addiction from which I’d been free for fifteen years.

I started this blog in the midst of that addiction and its original title was “Day 1”. You’ll see that my earlier posts deal with the struggle of trying to find a solution (Whole30 anyone?) while the later ones cover a more broad palette.

Now that I am no longer binging my brains out night after night – one day at a time, as we like to say in our meetings – I want to discuss the topics that affect my newly single life.

I’m still figuring out how to handle things such as dating, empty time, lonely nights, and what exactly do you do upon seeing happy families on the beach while you’re walking alone (again) and want to throw yourself in the ocean and drown?

So, for the time-being at least, I’m going to remain anonymous. I need some time to just explore.

So bear with me as I find my voice. My hope is that you will find yours while reading this and we’ll figure this life thing together.

# # #